WireQueue-MQTT Driver for LabVIEW by WireFlow AB TLS Secured LabVIEW Driver for the WireQueue IoT Service

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  • Secure internet communication for all LabVIEW targets using OpenSSL
  • Low bandwidth
  • Builds on MQTT, an IoT standard
  • Monitoring of multiple devices using smart phone apps
  • Ease of use; client configuration in the server Access Control Lists
  • Optional authorization of sensitive topics with WireFlow dongles
  • Download
WireQueue.com by WireFlow is a service for secure communication over the internet, specifically designed for LabVIEW. WireQueue is built on MQTT, a machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things" connectivity protocol that offers low bandwidth and high throughput. In MQTT each client connects and communicates to the central server/broker that delivers messages to other clients based on a centrally hosted Access Control List (ACL).

The WireQueue Driver for LabVIEW offers SSL/TLS-secured connection to the WireQueue.com service from almost any LabVIEW target, including RT targets, using the OpenSSL libraries. Messages published by a LabVIEW client can be monitored by other LabVIEW clients or by the WireQueue smart phone app (available in Apple Store or on Google). The driver offers easy connection and setup by automatic detection of other clients as well as automatic setup of subscription to other client topics, all based on the central ACL.

To help manage topics, WireQueue defines a topic structure that defines the remote client as well as the type of topic. Currently there are four types of topics available to the client including Message, Alarm, Error, and Security.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party and not NI; for technical support, contact WireFlow AB at:

Phone: +46 728 65 86 71
Website: www.wireflow.se
Email: support@wireflow.se

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