GTT LTE DL BER/BLER Add-On for LTE RBS Toolkit by Gefle Testteknik LTE DL Demodulation for Transmitter System Using BER/BLER

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  • Enables verification of transmitter system including baseband
  • Fast test times
  • Quick and easy integration through high-level APIs
  • Easily build a program or sequence to run your automated test
  • Integrates seamlessly with GTT LTE RBS Toolkit
  • Download
The GTT LTE DL BER-BLER Add-On by Gefle Testteknik AB demodulates LTE signals to help you verify RBS transmitter system performance by analyzing throughput in the form of BER (bit error rate) and BLER (block error rate). The included soft front panels enable easy lab measurements, and the high-level APIs make custom sequences or fully customized soft front panels easy to create. This add-on extends the capabilities of the GTT LTE RBS Toolkit even further.

Out of the box, the add-on is capable of demodulation in the host computer. If processing power is an issue, it has built-in support for a Xilinx IP turbo decoder to offload the computer processor by letting an FPGA do the number crunching. 

Requirements: This software product requires you first install the GTT LTE RBS Toolkit. For more information, visit

Support Information:
This product is supported by the third party and not by NI. For technical support, contact Gefle Testteknik AB at:

Phone: +46 26 545750

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784348-35GTT LTE RRU Add-on for RBS Toolkit - Gefle Testteknik5 - 10$ 9,950.00

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