Human Readable Data Toolkit by Autotestware Use Data Objects as Human Readable & Editable Text Strings

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  • Enhances and shortens software program development cycles
  • Converts graphical data objects into editable text, and text into graphical data objects
  • Stores and retrieves data objects inside a host of database management systems
  • Programmatically varies the comparison of data objects with a single compare VI
  • Helps to rapidly construct, test and store reusable program sequences and data objects
  • Provides an assistant for creating simple to complex search and replace strings
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The Human Readable Data Toolkit by Autotestware is a suite of VIs that can convert LabVIEW graphical data objects into concise, intelligible, editable text strings. It can also parse those text strings back into LabVIEW graphical data objects, and provides a set of database management system VIs for inserting and fetching data objects.

The DBMS VIs work with MS Access®, MS Excel®, MS SQL Server®, MySQL®, NI DIAdem, and Oracle® databases. Connectivity can readily be set up in which converted data objects can flow bi-directionally between program VIs and database table cells. A set of compare VIs eliminate the need to wire (code) specific data types to compare functions at design time. Thus data objects presented as variants can be applied to a compare VI whose function and parameters can be morphed dynamically.

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