SwingArm for NI VirtualBench by Clustr, Inc Create a Sequence of VirtualBench Commands and Measurements

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  • Unleash the power of your VirtualBench by automating measurements over a range of input conditions
  • Perfect for design verification testing, as well as repetitive measurements
  • Full drag and drop Sequence Editor and Execution Engine
  • Flow Control steps include: For Loops, If Statements, GOTO, Wait, Ramp, Comment
  • Debug features include: Breakpoints, Skip, Single Stepping, Repeat Mode
  • Parameters settings and results logged to CSV file
  • Download
Unleash the power of your VirtualBench by automating a series of measurements utilizing SwingArm. VirtualBench is a great device for benchtop testing. SwingArm takes those capabilities to the next level by leveraging the VirtualBench software library into customizable automated sequences.

SwingArm for VirtualBench incorporates an easy to use, drag and drop methodology to create sequences of settings and measurements. FOR Loops, IF Statements, GOTO, Wait, DoWhile and Comment flow control elements are included, as well as a suite of runtime debug elements such as Break, Skip, and single step. All settings and results are logged to CSV files. Create a sequence of input parameters and measurements and let SwingArm do the work for you.

Support Information:
This product is supported by the third-party and not NI. For technical support, contact Clustr at:

Phone #: 949-275-7103
Website: http://www.clustr.vi/SwingArm
Email: hello@clustr.vi

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