VSDAQ Logger by Project Integration Academic Software for Vernier Sensor DAQ

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  • Provides a user-friendly, Academic oriented interface
  • Performs data collection from up to 45 Vernier sensors
  • Enables you to perform various experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Life Safety, Ecology, Biology, etc
  • Academic specific user sign in
  • Perform various labs with custom tools
  • Generate MS Excel reports of measurement results
  • Download
VSDAQ Logger is an academic oriented software environment designed to give the user an opportunity to get acquainted with various types of sensors and use them to carry out a series of experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Life safety, Ecology, Biology etc.

A user-friendly interface exhibiting high quality enables easy user integration to the educational processes. VSDAQ Logger works with Vernier Sensor DAQ, and supports up to 45 Sensors. The user has the opportunity to carry out experiments both in real and simulation execution modes.

VSDAQ Logger allows generating detailed reports of collected data in an MS Excel file with a header containing the user’s login information.

Support Information:
This product is supported by the third-party and not by NI. For technical support, contact Project Integration at:

Phone #: +374-10-219798
Website: www.pintegration.org
Email: support@pintegration.org

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