Dynamic VI Handler by PhysicsConsult.de A tool for running VIs programmatically

  • Test separately running independent VIs
  • Simply add and remove VIs
  • Load and release VIs on demand
  • Reduce response time by loading VIs just-in-time
  • Transfer data between VIs without wiring
  • Link independent VIs through references
  • Download
Dynamic VI Handler
A tool for VI handling, data transfer, saving and recalling of VIs.

VI Handling
Abort-Close, Abort, Close, Hide, Run Hidden, Run Standard, Show, Stop Smoothly, Stop-Close Smoothly.

Data Transfer between VIs
Get_Controls, Set_Controls.

Saving and Recalling VIs
Save, Save_Settings, Recall_Settings.

1. Simple Example – Show main features of Dynamic VI Handler.
2. VI Handler Demo - Control the front panel of a target VI by selecting a handler action.
3. Coupled Controls - Share control between several VIs.
4. Set Arbitrary Control - Set arbitrary control of a target VI.
5. Get Arbitrary Control - Get arbitrary control data from a target VI.
6. Dynamic System - Handle VIs dynamically and transfer data between them.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third party and not by NI. For technical support, please contact PhysicsConsult.de at:

Phone #: 00496151376184
Website: PhysicsConsult.de
Email: info@physicsconsult.de

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