SEA 491x - Software Driver by S.E.A. Datentechnik Software Driver for SEA 4912 and SEA 4914 Displays

  • High-Resolution 4.3” LCD graphic display with 272 x 480 pixel
  • Resistive touch screen; brilliance of color, 65K True Color
  • 13 General Purpose IOs, separately definable as input or output
  • Mounting kit made of massive aluminum including frame, clamp bracket and two screws
  • Directly connectable to NI CompactRIO, NI Single-Board RIO, PC and further devices
  • Download
This software driver is designed to operate the SEA 4912 (2.4”) or SEA 4914 (4.3”) graphical display modules on a NI CompactRIO Real-Time controller. It provides a comprehensive, but easy-to-use programming library (api) for LabVIEW including examples and user manuals. The driver software requires the SEA 4912 or SEA 4914 displays (separately available from S.E.A.) and is offered at no costs (free).

The high-resolution color displays of the latest generation are perfectly-suited as display and control unit for decentralized control and embedded systems like CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO. Both displays are perfectly suitable for displaying simple text based information like acquisition data, but also for complex graphical objects like buttons, charts or bar graphs. The wide viewing angle of the LCD screen and the brilliance of color ensures a high picture quality. The touch function allows the implementation of interactive control and monitoring applications.

The displays can be operated on any device offering a serial port (RS-232) and processor capable of running LabVIEW code.

Support Information:
This product is supported by S.E.A. Datentechnik and not by NI. For technical support, contact:

Phone #: +49 2241 127370

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