Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis Tool by META Srl Data-Driven Condition Monitoring Tool for Rotating Machinery

  • Advanced, automatic tool for quality control of rotating machines
  • Based on a statistical inference engine, the tool automatically identifies machinery health state
  • Statistical univariate and/or multivariate analysis of acquired signals
  • RoMaWAT features can be integrated in LabVIEW software for End-Of-Line testing and quality control
  • Predictive Maintenance of rotating machinery minimizes production losses due to machine breakdowns
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Condition-based maintenance can help industries optimize performance and reduce maintenance costs. Industrial environments have witnessed a stable trend towards intelligent factory automation, with an ever-increasing implementation of mechatronic units, integrated into adaptive and self-optimizing production lines and into quality control systems.

Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis Tool (RoMaVAT) by META is add-on software for LabVIEW providing dual functionality:
- Plan and implement maintenance operations thru online condition monitoring and diagnostics
- End-Of-Line testing and quality control to improve customer satisfaction and image return

Combine RoMaVAT with NI CompactDAQ and NI C Series analog modules to acquire accelerations, temperatures, currents and voltage signals to monitor the rotating machinery. The software creates a signal-based statistical model capable of monitoring and identifying the machinery health state. In summary with the software the user can:

- Configure the NI-DAQ hardware to acquire data
- Create a statistical model able to monitor the machinery health states
- Identify the machine health state and/or machine quality

Support Information:
RoMaVAT by META is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For technical support with this software, contact:
Phone: +39 071 22 05422

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