OPC DA Connect by Mesulog OPC Client Communication Toolset for TestStand

  • New TestStand palette including powerful steps dedicated to OPC DA communication
  • Step configuration dialog box including navigation into OPC servers and variables on your network
  • Optimized access time to OPC items during read or write operations
  • Compatibility with OPC Data Access 2.0 and LabVIEW Shared Variable Engine
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple OPC servers
  • Free deployment license
  • Download
OPC DA Connect by Mesulog provides a set of high-level custom TestStand steps that help your test benches communicate easily with OPC servers.

With OPC DA Connect’s optimized connection and compatibility with OPC Data Access, you can exchange data quickly and easily with your automation controller. You can connect at the same time to multiple OPC servers or the LabVIEW Shared Variable Engine.

OPC DA Connect includes two browsers to help you navigate the network to find OPC servers and items that you can read or write. Only items of the selected data type are listed for a selected OPC server to avoid communication errors.

The step edition is also simplified with full TestStand integration. With a dedicated palette in the sequence editor, built-in help for each step, and the ability to use the TestStand API or variables directly in each step’s configuration dialog box, you can build or reuse code more easily and improve your productivity.

An OPC DA Connect License is needed only for the step edition. OPC DA Connect is free for deployed systems.

Support Information
This software is sold and supported by Mesulog and not by NI. For technical support, contact Mesulog at:

Phone: +33 4 76 35 20 17
Email: support@mesulog.fr
Web: www.mesulog.fr

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