Wezarp by APPANDO Control LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI™ Applications Remotely

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  • Switch from Remote Application mode to Remote Desktop mode programmatically
  • Advanced functions (Wezarp Library) or polymorphic VI (Wezarp for LabVIEW) to configure parameters
  • No limitation of the user interface design, Multi-Client, Multi-Server, Multi-Window
  • Various Wezarp Client software available and free of charge
  • Lite: One license is dedicated to one computer
  • Pro: One license dedicated to one development computer; compile and deploy unlimited applications
  • Download
Wezarp by APPANDO enables remote access to your LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI application from a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. It features a VI library (Wezarp for LabVIEW) or a set of functions in a DLL (Wezarp Library) to insert in your code and free client applications for tablets, smartphones, or remote desktops. It offers an easy remote solution to control or monitor your applications. Advanced functions enables switching from Remote Application mode to Remote Desktop mode programmatically. Wezarp supports all graphical user interfaces such as Multiclient, multiserver, and multiwindow.

Wezarp is based on UDP/IP communication between the client (computer or tablet) and a server (LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI application) connected on the same local network.

The Wezarp server allows you to configure the following settings based on your clients’ individual applications:
-Control and monitor
-Monitor only
-Deny access

The Wezarp client is available for:
-Windows for Microsoft Surface tablet and desktop (download by clicking on the download link above)
-iOS (download from iTunes)
-Android (download from Google Play)

Support Information
This product is not supported by NI. For technical support, contact APPANDO at:
Email: support@wezarp.com
Web: wezarp.com

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785069-35Wezarp Lite for LabVIEW by APPANDO5 - 10$ 109.00
785070-35Wezarp Library Lite by APPANDO5 - 10$ 109.00

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