Advanced Plotting Toolkit Make Professional-Quality Plots Without Leaving LabVIEW

  • Make publication-quality plots and graphs directly from the block diagram
  • Save in half a dozen formats including PDF, or view on the front panel
  • Advanced features like contour plots, vector fields, streamlines, math text, transparency
  • Gives your data a professional, polished appearance without leaving LabVIEW
  • Reduced development and testing time from simple, consistent API
  • Supports Application Builder, with no deployment fees or royalties
  • Download
The Advanced Plotting Toolkit is an add-on package for LabVIEW that lets you create professional-quality figures and plots directly from the block diagram. Plots are displayed on the front panel using full 24 bit color and antialiasing. With a single subVI call, they can also be saved to disk in any of half a dozen standard formats, including PDF and PNG.

In addition to a complete set of standard plotting routines including line, scatter, polar, and bar graphs, you can create advanced visualizations including line-contour and filled-contour plots, 2D histograms, vector arrow fields, streamline plots, and more. Plots support text annotation, math symbols, partial transparency, alpha blending and a variety of colormaps. Since vector art is used internally for all plotting operations, figures can be arbitrarily resized without loss of detail, fonts and math symbols will look good at any size, and your saved plots will always come out with razor-sharp clarity.

The Advanced Plotting Toolkit is compatible with LabVIEW Application Builder, so you can embed high-quality plots in your compiled applications. It provides a simple API designed to reduce development and testing time, and comes with full examples and documentation.

Support Information
This software is free to the community and is not supported by NI. For technical support, visit the forum:


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