Expression Parser for LabVIEW by GPower Build Math Strings and Calculate Numeric Values at Runtime

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  • Convert math from text to numbers in your LabVIEW program at runtime
  • Let your program read math expressions as text from a file or from a front panel control
  • More than 260 functions and mathematical constants supported
  • Supports conditionals, pulse trains, piecewise defined, and custom periodic functions
  • Supports variables and VI Registers, 14 numeric data types, and reports overflow
  • Very high performance, typically millions of evaluations per second
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The Expression Parser for LabVIEW by GPower lets you work with mathematical expressions and formulas as strings on your block diagram, instead of defining them with the built-in function blocks. E.g.:

"SIN(x/2)", where x=pi -> 1
"(x-2)*(y+1)^2", where x=17 and y=15 -> 3840

Using plain strings means your VI can build a mathematical expression dynamically on the block diagram and evaluate it into numbers at runtime. You can have the user type in math expressions directly on the front panel (and have the Expression Parser toolkit verify syntax), or you could read math expressions from a file at runtime to modify your program behavior.

Supporting more than 260 functions, math constants and any number of variables (even global VI Registers), the toolkit allows dynamic math in your LabVIEW program with millions of evaluations per second and is supported on both desktop and real-time. The toolkit supports all 14 numeric LabVIEW datatypes, and provides special integer and bit-wise operations, reports overflow during evaluation, and enables precise expression syntax with error messages and a bundled, feature-rich Expression Tester application.

Support Information
This product is not supported by NI. For technical support, please contact GPower at:

Phone: +45 5190 5790

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