Channel Access Server (CAS) Interface for LabVIEW by NSRL Tools to Provide CAS Functionality in LabVIEW

  • Provides the ability to create a Channel Access Server
  • Simulate the operation mode and naming convention of IOC, and use .db file to load records
  • Supports ai, ao, bi, bo and waveform record types
  • Allows you to rewrite PV timestamp
  • Develop a CAS using existing .db files swiftly
  • Same programming experience on multiple platforms
  • Download
The NSRL CAS Interface connects LabVIEW and EPICS through a user-friendly, lightweight and high-performance software designed to emulate an IOC and provide a convenient way to create a Channel Access Server in LabVIEW.

It follows IOC configuration style, by using .db files to configure records and loading these files to generate internal record sets, leading to rapid development and a stable and compact architecture. We set the type of record by sealing process variables (PVs) as record fields, with the same naming convention as IOC records. Users can reuse existing .db files with ease. The timestamps of PVs can be overwritten with external timing source if necessary (the system time is used by default). Thanks to the flexibility compared to traditional tools, users can also program on various control platforms.

The CAS Interface currently supports Windows and Linux, with support for VxWorks and Linux-RT coming soon.

Support Information:
The NSRL CAS Interface for LabVIEW is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For technical support with this software, contact National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory at:


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