WF User Access Toolkit by WireFlow Control User Access for Functions in LabVIEW Applications

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  • Easily enable or disable application features for different users
  • Let users authenticate using dialogs, USB-dongle or fingerprint reader
  • Support headless login using fingerprint reader or USB dongle
  • Combine authentications for elevated protection or added convenience
  • Simple application allows for easy reconfiguration of access to features
  • Possible to limit access based on groups or features
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The User Access Toolkit (UAT) from WireFlow allows an application to easily grant or deny access to specific functionality in a LabVIEW application, depending on the currently active user. It supports authentication by user dialog as well as by WireFlow security tokens, i.e. WF dongle (WF 2007 or WF 2008) or the WF Fingerprint reader (WF 2111). When security tokens are used, the authentication can be made headless; removing the need for keyboard, mouse or monitor.

In the configuration tool, each user can be configured to use one or more of the authentication methods, allowing an application to mix authentications within a single configuration. The configuration data is stored in an encrypted file, using the industry standard AES-256 for encryption. Inside this file the different authentications are stored:
* user passwords are stored as SHA256 hashes
* fingerprints are not stored as real images instead they are stored as “templates”, i.e. a small representation of the fingerprint
* dongle keys are stored as SHA256 hashes

Customize user settings for feature access based on if the current user is an administrator, a member of a named group, or if a specific feature is enabled. 

Support Information:
This product is not supported by National Instruments. For technical support, contact WireFlow at:
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