MICAS-X by Original Code Consulting Framework for Custom DAQ and Control System Development

  • Includes a wide range of existing functionality
  • Highly configurable and extensible, for a very flexible and customizable system
  • Enables fast development of complex systems
  • Designed as a modular, plug-in based architecture
  • Use with out-of-the-box components to quickly set up a wide range of simple experiments
  • Download
MICAS-X (Multi-Instrument Control and Acquisition System – eXtended) by Original Code Consulting provides a framework and infrastructure that can support a wide range of data acquisition and control systems, allowing for fast development and deployment.

The power of MICAS-X results from the depth of functionality already present, combined with its open nature, allowing new modules to be developed for each custom project. MICAS-X is highly configurable, allowing the end-user to alter its behavior with little or no programming, but it is also inherently extensible, so that a moderately experienced LabVIEW program can quickly add custom functionality.

Access a free demo evaluation of the software by clicking on the download link above. A full version of the software is available for purchase through Original Code Consulting.

Original Code Consulting provides configuration and customization support services to make sure that MICAS-X succeeds in your application. Email support@originalcode.com for more information.

Support Information:
This software is sold and supported by Original Code Consulting and not by NI. For purchasing information or technical support, contact Original Code Consulting at:

Phone: 303-499-1973
Web: originalcode.com
Email: support@originalcode.com

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