SQLite Library for LabVIEW by Dr. James Powell SQLite Database-in-a-file for LabVIEW

  • Easily create SQLite database files
  • Harness the full power of SQL to store, recover, and manipulate data
  • Does not require setup, a server, or other type of ‘administration'
  • Download
SQLite Library for LabVIEW by Dr. James Powell is a very light-weight, server-less, database-in-a-file library. This add-on software package is a wrapper of the SQLite3 C library and follows it closely. Visit www.SQLite.org for more information.

There are basically two use modes of this software:

(1) Calling "Execute SQL" on a Connection to run SQL scripts (and optionally return 2D arrays of strings from an SQL statement that returns results)

(2) "Preparing" a single SQL statement and executing it step-by-step explicitly

The advantage of the second mode is the ability to "Bind" parameters to the statement, and get the column data back in the desired data-type. The "Bind" and "Get Column" VIs are set as properties of the "SQL Statement" object, for convenience in working with large numbers of them.

Support Information
SQLite Library for LabVIEW is provided by a third party and is not supported by National Instruments. For technical support, visit:

Web: http://lavag.org/files/file/212-sqlite-labview/

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