Pedometer for myRIO by NI Count Your Steps and Calculate Your Average Step Length

  • Detects changes in acceleration along the z-axis (up and down)
  • Filters out the effects of gravity
  • Counts the number of steps taken by the user for a given time period
  • Determines the distance covered in a given time period
  • Calculates the average step length
  • Download
The Pedometer for myRIO by NI application uses the accelerometer in myRIO to count steps and measure the distance walked. Using triaxial gravity acceleration, it measures distance and total steps to calculate the average step rate.

To measure distance, it obtains triaxial acceleration from the accelerometer to first correct posture. This must be done to obtain triaxial acceleration and subsequently calculate triaxial speed based on calculus to measure distance. Once the myRIO device is rotated, triaxial speed is incorrect, so the app corrects acceleration into a geodetic coordinate system for calculus.

Second, it measures distance based on calculus. After correcting posture, it uses a bandpass filter to get the proper frequency to calculate distance (low frequency contains gravitational acceleration and high frequency affects the calculus).

Third, it can detect ups and downs in the z-coordinate plane to count steps. Another bandpass filter obtains the proper frequency. Finally, based on the distance and the number of steps, the app can calculate the average step length.

Support Information
This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software.

For additional support options with this add-on software, view “myRIO Software Requirements Documentation” and “myRIO Forum” under the Resources tab.

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