Temperature Controller for myRIO - National Instruments Dual-Acting Temperature Control System for myRIO

  • myRIO-based temperature control system
  • Separate control outputs for heating and cooling circuits
  • Pre-compiled FPGA image for ease of use and open source code for easy customization
  • Digital temperature probe (DS18B20) for low-noise measurement
  • Remote user-interface via host PC or Data Dashboard
  • Wirelessly enabled for easy monitoring
  • Download
Temperature Controller for myRIO provides code to build a fully functioning temperature controller for various applications requiring regulated temperature. The application has been written with homebrew beer fermentation in mind; however the same control algorithm can be used for any temperature control task. The controller uses two AC circuits to control both a heating and a cooling system, which could also be used for sous vide cooking, aging of cheese, temperature control of an electric smoker and many other temperature control tasks.

Typically, home brewers use off-the-shelf temperature controllers to close the loop on fermentation and kegerator temperatures. These controllers range in complexity from simple analog models to advanced digital models. However by implementing all of the same features on a myRIO, the UI can be opened up much more broadly. This application includes wireless interface to the control parameters and the sensor readings but also includes logging to show temperature trends over time.

Support Information

This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software. This application supports myRIO 1900 and requires VI Package Manager 2014.

For additional support options with this add-on software, view “myRIO Software Requirements Documentation” and “myRIO Forum” under the Resources tab.

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