InPEduS by RAFA Solutions Industrial Protocols Educational Software

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  • The trainer kit is based on the industrial PXI platform
  • User-friendly interface for the study and understanding of protocols
  • Exercises and demonstrations on nine popular protocols
  • Courseware included with the software features description, protocol, and exercise instructions
  • Support for two languages: English and Russian
  • Report generation in MS Word format
  • Download
InPEduS by RAFA Solutions is educational software designed to help students learn the basics of industrial protocols and interfaces. It features useful exercises and demonstrations to aid in the understanding of the structures and operation principles of nine popular protocols: CAN, GPIB, I2C, Modbus, RS232, RS485/422, SPI, TCP, and UDP.

For each protocol, the software offers one to three exercises and a demo to visualize the working mechanisms such as data transmission and reception. You can use the software to create reports for finished exercises to help trainers and students gauge learning progress.

The software includes the courseware, which features descriptions of all the protocols and instructions for exercises so students can refresh their knowledge of protocols while completing exercises.

InPEduS is based on LabVIEW software and the NI PXI hardware platform. You can choose from two versions of the software: software only or hardware integrated.

Support Information
InPEduS software is supported by RAFA Solutions and not by NI. For technical support with this software, contact RAFA Solutions at:

Phone: +1 (512) 782-9747

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InPEduS Software
783769-35InPEduS (Software Only Version) - RAFA Solutions5 - 10$ 990.00
785475-3503RAFA Solutions InPEduS Software Only - 3 Seat5 - 10$ 2,800.00
785475-3510RAFA Solutions InPEduS Software Only - 10 Seat5 - 10$ 9,000.00
785475-3520RAFA Solutions InPEduS Software Only - 20 Seat5 - 10$ 17,000.00
783770-35InPEduS (Hardware Integration Version) - RAFA Solutions5 - 10$ 1,990.00
785476-3503RAFA Solutions InPEduS Hardware Integration - 3 Seat5 - 10$ 5,600.00
785476-3510RAFA Solutions InPEduS Hardware Integration - 10 Seat5 - 10$ 18,000.00
785476-3520RAFA Solutions InPEduS Hardware Integration - 20 Seat5 - 10$ 32,000.00
Recommended NI Hardware
778636-02NI PXI-1042Q Quiet 8-Slot ChassisCall$ 3,551.00
778982-01NI PXI-8430/2, 2 Port, RS232 Serial Interface5 - 10$ 591.00
778984-01PXI-8431/2, 2 Port, RS485/RS422 Serial Interface5 - 10$ 657.00
781752-01NI PXI-8231, GIGABIT Ethernet for Windows and LabVIEW RT10 - 15$ 789.00
780688-02NI PXI-8513/2, CAN Interface, Software-Selectable/FD, 2 PortCall$ 2,817.00
780561-01NI PXI-7952R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX50, 128MB RAM)12 - 20$ 6,913.00
780565-01NI 6581 100MHz DIO (54 Channel) NI FlexRIO Adapter Module12 - 20$ 1,490.00
182238-01RS232 Null-Modem Cable, DB-9 Female to DB-9 Female, 1m5 - 10$ 38.00
183283-01RS485 Null-Modem Cable, DB-9 Female to DB-9 Female, 1m5 - 10$ 38.00
151733-02Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 2M5 - 10$ 15.00
763000-01Power Cord, AC, U.S., 120 VAC, 2.3 meters10 - 15$ 13.00
192017-02NI CAN Single Termination, High-Speed/FD Cable, 2m10 - 15$ 75.00
192681-1R5SHC68-H1X38 High-Speed Digital Flying-Leads Cable Accessory, 1.5m10 - 15$ 790.00
779553-01USB-8451, I2C/SPI/SMBus Interface2 - 5$ 617.00
780212-01NI Instrument Simulator V2.0, U.S. 120VACCall$ 542.00

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