Vocal Remover for myRIO by Altenbach Remove Vocal Tracks From Recordings Using FPGA Processing

  • Easy-to-understand code
  • Ability to run fully embedded on myRIO
  • No front panel needed; user interaction is via the button
  • Download
The Vocal Remover for myRIO by Altenbach is a simple audio processing demo that runs entirely on the FPGA. This sample project processes audio data from the myRIO audio input, optionally removes the vocal track, and sends the remaining soundtrack to the audio output. The algorithm is simple: typical studio recordings have the vocal track centered (in other words, identical in the left and right channel) while all other tracks are not. Taking the difference between the two channels eliminates the vocal track while retaining all others.

Signal processing using an FPGA typically involves advanced code architectures and data transfer between the FPGA and a real-time target, making the resulting code difficult to understand for a beginner. This example demonstrates direct, single-point FPGA processing by using the power of LabVIEW FPGA to create a fully functional program within minutes. Once a student fully understands this, an instructor can expand the example for more advanced functionality.

Support Information
This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software.

This software is provided and supported by Altenbach and not by NI. For technical support, email Altenbach at altenbach@gmail.com.

For additional support options with this add-on software, view “myRIO Software Requirements Documentation” and “myRIO Forum” under the Resources tab.

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