SubVIs Description Editor by SCUBA Film Factory Convenient and Robust Tool for SubVI/VI Documentation

  • At-a-glance evaluation of the subVI/VI documentation status
  • Extensive filtering of the subVIs to be edited
  • Spellchecking of the description text
  • Automatic requirements insertion per Requirements Gateway
  • Saving/loading subVI description to the file for transferring manuals and so on
  • Interface to Controls Description Editor to facilitate subVI documentation process
  • Download
Using LabVIEW in highly regulated industries such as defense, aerospace, medical, and nuclear requires extensive code documentation and validation and verification (V&V) as well as independent validation and verification (IV&V).

The SubVIs Description Editor by SCUBA Film Factory helps reduce the effort of documenting code. With this tool, you can get an at-a-glance view of the state of the subVI documentation and use a convenient set of tools to complete the code documentation efficiently.

Effective programming practices are not possible without proper code documentation, which can be tedious. It may be easy for a developer to describe the code functionality, but an outsider may find it difficult to understand. This can be especially daunting if the person tasked with IV&V doesn’t have the same level of expertise as the code developer. Support resources for the V&V process are integral to ensuring success.

When used with the LabVIEW Controls Description Editor, the SubVIs Description Editor creates a complete site for documenting code projects of any magnitude.

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Phone: 954-699-1137

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