Property Inspector by ABCDEF Interactive Search, Sort, Edit and Analysis of VI Properties

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  • Filter, search and sort 42 VI properties by 9 criteria, edit 22 by 5 powerful modes
  • Search blank, false, or numbers by threshold, all with compound searching
  • Sort VIs to find highest data usage, code size, clone instances or edit date
  • Delete old or unused code by LV Version, not In Memory or broken status
  • Unlimited operations using VI Scripting and Quick Drop (not in free version)
  • Save development time and produce a better product with this powerful VI editing tool
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Property Inspector by ABCDEF introduces a new utility that easily locates and edits properties of multiple VIs simultaneously to help save development time and optimize product quality. Additionally, it is powerful analytical tool.

It allows all the VIs in your project to be searched and sorted based on 24 VI properties. After selecting and refining the results, many of the specified properties can be modified for all VIs automatically. Searching for a blank VI Description locates undocumented code and allows descriptions to be added from a single screen. Unlike Find and Replace, editing is not limited to just the searched text. Powerful string manipulation functions allow for the entire field to be edited or removed.

Speed up your code by isolating/updating binary settings, auditing by data size, cleaning up old or unused code by LabVIEW version, sorting by date modified for latest, and editing or downloading shortcuts.

Property Inspector is very versatile and configurable: display search for properties fit your requirements; enable certain object types to focus on a specific issue; and select case sensitive string searches, then automatically save and close after updates.

Support Information This product is supported by the third party and not by NI. For technical support, contact ABCDEF at:

Phone: (800) 422-1523

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