Programmable Switch for myRIO by Choose Movement Consulting Control a Power Outlet With Your Smartphone

  • Control a power outlet with any UDP-capable device
  • Access your power outlet over your WiFi network
  • Schedule on and off times down to the second
  • Turn on lights from your couch
  • Download
The Programmable Switch for myRIO application by Choose Movement Consulting demonstrates how to use myRIO to wirelessly control a power outlet. Use your smartphone or computer to send or schedule on/off commands or send commands from any UDP-capable device. Use this app for home automation tasks like controlling lights, fans, or other electronics.

Wireless Commands

- On: Turns power on
- Off: Turns power off
- Set: Schedule a time and day to turn the power on or off
- Rem: Remove a scheduled command
- Time: Synchronize the time on the myRIO device to your computer (via LabVIEW app only)
- Switch: Replace an entire switch schedule (via LabVIEW app only)

This app requires additional circuitry to connect to and control the power outlet. Once you install the product, see the detailed product documentation for more information.

Support Information
This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software.

This software is provided and supported by Choose Movement Consulting and not by NI. For technical support, email Choose Movement Consulting at

For additional support options with this add-on software, view “myRIO Software Requirements Documentation” and “myRIO Forum” under the Resources tab.

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