FTDI Driver API for Serial by Ovak Technologies Interface Synchronous Serial Devices to a USB Port

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  • USB to multiport asynchronous and synchronous serial interfaces
  • SPI and I2C master and slave mode operations
  • Full support for SPI modes
  • Serial Synchronous Interface data rates of up to 30 Mb/s on SPI and I2C
  • Rapid integration into existing systems
  • Simple API with high-level building blocks
  • Download
The FTDI Driver API for Serial by Ovak Technologies provides high-level building blocks to communicate with the FTDI Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) based on the D2XX driver. The API enables users to write applications and communicate with the FTDI Chip’s I2C/SPI devices without needing to understand the low-level D2XX driver and its command sets.

The MPSSE provides a flexible means of interfacing synchronous serial devices to a USB port. By being “Multi-Protocol,” the MPSSE allows communication with many different types of synchronous interfaces such as Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C). The API offers SPI and I2C master mode operations and supports SPI modes 0 and 2 (partially supports modes 1 and 3). Clock speeds of up to 30 MHz generate data transfer speeds of more than 1 MB/s.

With this easy-to-use API featuring high-level building blocks, you can implement data formatting and clock synchronization configuration in a variety of ways to meet almost any requirement. If you need to rapidly integrate with an existing system or you are prototyping a platform for a USB interface on a new system, this API is for you.

Support Information
This software is provided and supported by Ovak Technologies and not by NI. For technical support, contact Ovak Technologies at:

Phone: +1.281.506.0020
Email: support@ovaktechnologies.com
Web: ovaktechnologies.com

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