ALOHA Application Framework by S5 Solutions Simplify Large LabVIEW Programs With Open-Source Framework

  • Create simple to complex LabVIEW applications
  • Write small components that work together
  • Use a variety of services and housekeeping tasks
  • Create reusable modules to save you time in code development
  • Simplify team development
  • Take advantage of native LabVIEW code for easy upgrading and maintainability
  • Download
ALOHA by S5 Solutions is a modular application framework. Small modules work together to build a large application, and ALOHA provides the framework that ties these modules together.

It offers the following benefits:

- Modular: ALOHA’s structure makes it easy for multiple developers to work on parts of the larger application, which is usually difficult to do in LabVIEW.
- Reusable: The modular structure simplifies sharing modules among multiple projects.
- Simple: Even beginner and moderate programmers can be part of developing a large and complex application. Modules are written using the simple Producer/Consumer design pattern.
- Approachable: Any reasonably skilled LabVIEW programmer can write modules for ALOHA. S5 Solutions has already created the architecture. No architect certification is required to be productive with ALOHA.
- Pre-architected: The fill-in-the-blank approach frees up the programmer to work on solving the specific problem rather than developing an architecture.

Support Information
This product is supported by S5 Solutions and not by NI. For technical support, contact S5 Solutions at:
Phone: (425) 232-6277

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