3D Express by Synergy 3D Machine Design and Motion Control Simulation Platform

  • Build simple and complicated mechanical structures
  • Set up different types of joints for a model such as move and rotate
  • Create a chain for the joint such as planar linkage and crank slider
  • Develop VIs to import the 3D model to LabVIEW 3D picture
  • Provides mechanical algorithm for simulation
  • Uses TCP commands to communicate with other languages and control the model in 3D Express
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3D Express by Synergy is a machinery design and motion control simulation software platform. You can create simple or complex 3D models with 3D Express, which features LabVIEW 3D Express APIs for more convenient 3D software design.

The basic functions of 3D Express include the following:

- Edit, display, and control any form of 3D mechanical structures
- Load third-party 3D model files such as VRML, STL, and ASE files
- Set up joints and chains for a model to achieve complicated motion control
- Integrate models to be seamlessly compatible with LabVIEW 3D picture control; this helps engineers who are engaged in mechatronics projects focus on signal acquisition, analysis, and control instead of spending a lot of time designing the 3D program
- Provide a simulation interface and use TCP commands in LabVIEW, C/C++, and other computer languages to finish a simulation or a test

Support Information
This product is supported and sold by Synergy and not by NI. For technical support or purchasing information, contact Synergy at:

Email: virobotics@gmail.com
Phone: +8613817298246
Web: virobotics.blog.com

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