QRM (Quality Result Management) by AddQ Consulting Improved Yield, Quality, and Decision Making

  • Powerful web interface--easy access to view and analyze your results in your browser
  • Ability to connect production sites--post ATML XML reports from all over the world using HTTP
  • Instant production feedback--watch test results as they are produced
  • Easy exporting of data--export your test data directly to Excel or Minitab as a CSV file
  • Built-in SPC and MSA--perform SPC and MSA analysis directly in the web interface
  • TestStand result processor--connect your TestStand system directly to QRM
  • Download
QRM (Quality Result Management) by AddQ Consulting is add-on software for storing and maintaining test results. It is a Windows-based (Windows 8/7/2012 Server/2008R2 Server) distributed system based on web services, databases, and ATML XML data.

QRM consists of two main parts that function separately with the exception of interacting for data storage:
- QRM Web Service: store and synchronize test data in the system
- QRM Web Application Server: present and statistically analyze test data through a web page-based system

QRM is a client-server-based distributed system that uses web services and communicates via HTTP protocol to make it “firewall friendly.” All test data is sent as XML data using the ATML standard with some QRM extensions. The client initiates the communication to the web service, which can act as a client itself.

For viewing and statistical analysis of the test results, use the web-based portion of QRM. The web system connects directly to the data storage to access test data. To view or analyze the results, you can simply use a standard web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Support/Pricing Information
QRM by AddQ Consulting is supported and sold by the third-party provider and not by NI.

For purchasing information, email AddQ Consulting at sales@addq.se.

For technical support, contact AddQ Consulting at:
Email: support@addq.se
Web: https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/qrm
Phone: +46 8 501 108 90

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