NI SmartBalloon Library for LabVIEW LabVIEW API for Balloon Notifications Display

  • Display punctual information such as errors or status in a dedicated front-most panel
  • Take advantage of a professional and user-defined look
  • Use one centralized display engine for your application
  • Handle multiple notifications in a queue mode
  • Download
In LabVIEW applications, you can set up dialog boxes with limited appearance features and a modal window. With the NI SmartBalloon Library for LabVIEW, your application can punctually display an information flow in a corner of your screen. The notification balloons eventually fade after a user-defined time or when you click on them. You can customize their appearance to fit your application theme.

In an engineering environment, the SmartBalloon Library for LabVIEW can easily help bring errors, exceptions, system status, or instructions to your attention.

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