SigmaDAQ - Aledyne Engineering Configurable Data Acquisition and Reporting Suite

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  • Combine different measurements such as temperature, pressure, voltage, and encoders
  • Acquire data from RS232-based meters and controllers
  • Configure independent sample rates for channels on the same device with autodecimation
  • Configurable alerts with SMS text messages including graph images
  • View past and real-time data in SigmaDAQ Viewer from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Create Excel reports including automatic chart generation with a single click
  • Download
SigmaDAQ by Aledyne Engineering is a full-featured data acquisition tool suite that contains both a data logger application for channel configuration and acquisition and a data viewer application for history-based querying and report generation.

The data logger has an easy-to-use channel configuration utility that helps you configure voltage, temperature, pressure, and encoder acquisition. It also allows for independent sample rates on different channels of the same device or module. This is accomplished by performing data decimation, so you save only the data you need. The logger is compatible with NI DAQ products, including CompactDAQ (USB, Ethernet, and wireless) and USB DAQ devices, as well as third-party RS232-based meters and controllers. The data logger also features SMS alerts with graph images and has a real-time data view while logging acquired data to a TDMS repository.

The data viewer allows for back-end and remote querying of data from the repository. You can view the complete history and up-to-the-minute acquisition results in a seamless interface that you can use to analyze and annotate data. The viewer is also powered by Spreadsheet Express, which enables the automated generation of Excel reports and charts from the data viewed in the application graphs.

Licensing: Unlimited licensing options available; contact Aledyne Engineering for more information.

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