DVB-T/H Signal Analysis and Monitoring Toolkit - MaxEye Technologies Test and Monitor Performance of DVB-T/H Devices

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  • DVB-T/H broadcast device test, SFN network monitoring, planning and performance analysis
  • Modulation accuracy (MER, EVM, frequency, clock offset) and spectral measurements (CHP, ACP, SEM)
  • SFN (channel impulse response, path delay, and path power) and I/Q impairment measurements
  • Measurement traces: constellation, EVM/MER vs Symbols/Subcarriers, channel freq., impulse response
  • Programming API in LabVIEW, programming examples, and documentation for all the APIs
  • Works with NI PXIe-5663E/5665, NI PXIe-5644R/5645R/5646R (VST), NI USRP-2920/2921/2922/2930/2932
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The MaxEye Technologies Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial/Handheld (DVB-T/H) Analysis and Monitoring Toolkit extends LabVIEW functionality to analyze DVB-T signals. This toolkit offers a standards-based test solution for designing, evaluating, and manufacturing DVB-T equipment. The software integrates with NI vector signal transceiver, RFSA, and USRP™ hardware.

This toolkit provides standards-based modulation accuracy, such as transmit power, I/Q impairments, and SFN and spectral measurements. It also offers various measurement traces so you can analyze, troubleshoot, and validate the transmitter signal issues as well as calibrate the DVB-T transmitter components. You can use the EVM versus Subcarriers and EVM versus Symbols functions to conduct time and frequency domain analysis of the transmitted signal and identify the issues in the transmitted signal. The channel frequency response trace gives the spectral flatness of the RF front end.

All over the world, DVB networks, which are mostly based on single frequency networks (SFNs), are replacing analog video broadcasting. This toolkit provides SFN measurements with the power and delay of each transmitter path. These measurements are ideal for SFN planning, maintenance, and optimization.

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Web: maxeyetech.com
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