Class Creator Utility for LabVIEW - Bloomy All-in-One Utility for Improved Programming and Reliability

  • Streamlines the process of creating LabVIEW classes
  • Sets all primary class properties in a single interface
  • Expedites error-free setup through an intuitive user interface
  • Accelerates software development with simple code generation tools
  • Integrates easily with other Bloomy Class Management utilities
  • Download
The Bloomy Class Creator Utility streamlines the process of defining a new *.lvclass. From within a single dialog, you can define the class name, inherit definition, documentation string, icon, and wire color. You can also select to inherit wire color from the parent.

In addition, you can now complete the numerous steps required to create and configure a LabVIEW class in the native environment easily from a single location. With this utility, you can achieve shorter development times, fewer errors and omissions, and improved overall design consistency by optimizing the class creation process.

After you define the attributes of the new class and select "OK," the utility scripts the class creation, saves the class to a user-defined directory, and adds the new class to the My Computer target of the active project. You can then move the class to the correct target and proceed with your regular LabVIEW software development.

This utility can be accessed only through the Tools menu in a *.lvproj file.

Support Information
This product is provided by a third party and not supported by NI.
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