Scadata Software Suite - Scadata, Inc. Turnkey SCADA, DAQ, and Management Software Suite

  • Turnkey SCADA system that is easy to implement and operate
  • Contains modules to monitor, control, alarm/alert, and report
  • Real-time and historical data logging/trending with graphical display
  • Receive notifications and alerts via mobile, SMS, and email
  • Configure I/O points, calendar events, reports, tag values, and trends without custom programming
  • Supports applications such as condition monitoring and industrial manufacturing
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Scadata Software Suite is a turnkey SCADA application developed for LabVIEW. The software, which is easy to implement and operate, provides an all-in-one solution for your DAQ management needs. It does not require custom or expensive programming. You can manage, monitor, control, and analyze large amounts of real-time or stored data on-site or from remote locations.

This software package has all of the modules for reporting including graphs, charts, real-time and historical trends, and archive capabilities. Simplicity allows for easy user training, group/user notification setup, custom screen building, and easy reporting options (Standard, Microsoft Word or Excel, HTML, or custom).

Scadata Software Suite works with NI Single-Board RIO hardware to provide a link between the software and measuring (sensor) devices. It is compatible with additional NI hardware and other industry programmable logic controller devices.

How It Works: The sound is recorded as an amplitude and frequency waveform and tracks any deviation from a baseline. As thresholds of sound deviations are passed from baseline user-configurable setpoints, sounds are captured and analyzed. When a deviation from a setpoint is detected, user notifications can be sent via text, email, or smartphone to notify staff of the issue and avert potential damaging arcing events.

Scadata Software Suite is used to reliably monitor, control, and alarm in a variety of applications and industries such as water/wastewater, oil and gas, agriculture, cold chain storage facilities, industrial facilities, obstruction light monitoring, condition monitoring, and flood control monitoring.

Support Information
This product is provided by a third party and is not supported by NI.

For technical support, contact Scadata, Inc., at:
Phone: (260) 373-0100

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