Controls Description Editor - SCUBA Film Factory Tool to Manage Control Appearance and Documentation

  • "At a glance" access to all GUI object appearance and documentation
  • Spell checking
  • Description text formatting (bold, new line, and so on)
  • Exporting properties to a CFG file or importing from a CFG file
  • Linkage to NI Requirements Gateway
  • Establishes foundation for multilingual applications
  • Download
The SCUBA Film Factory Controls Description Editor (CDE) is for LabVIEW application developers who work in controlled environments and more specifically where GUI objects documentation is critical. It helps you identify GUI objects that are missing descriptions, requirements linkages, and so on.

CDE makes it easy and convenient to change a control description, such as inserting bold segments of text and new lines.

The GUI object properties are stored in a CFG file and can be used for the development of the user’s manual or translation to another language without the LabVIEW developer being involved. Further, you can import these properties into an application to create the foundation for multilingual applications.

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