SIMCA-Q for LabVIEW - Umetrics Multivariate Predictions With SIMCA for Advanced Analytics

  • Multivariate data analysis (MVDA) predictions on large data sets
  • Supports all methods available in the modelling tool SIMCA 13
  • Enables predictive analytics, soft sensors, spectra fingerprints, and more
  • Software is used by pharma, biotech, pulp and paper, mineral and mining, and semicon
  • This is validated software for a GMP environment
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The world is exploding with information, and it is extremely difficult to get a good grip on this information by looking at the data value by value. Multivariate data analysis (MVDA) solves this problem by summarizing all of your values as just a couple of new variables, just like a typical stock index. The model that is created contains information on the correlation structure in your data, which means that you as the user do not have to keep track of this information.

SIMCA-Q for LabVIEW provides a new set of tools inside NI LabVIEW software that can take a new data set and predict this data through the original model created in the offline tool SIMCA 13.

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