BLT for LabVIEW - Studio Bods Manage, Distribute, and Protect Your NI LabVIEW Programs

  • Automate your product build and deployment
  • Generate product installers and push automatic updates
  • Use advanced licensing protection for your executable
  • Manage all your LabVIEW programs from one location
  • Get error logs remotely and troubleshoot your customers
  • Monitor your applications live
  • Download
Studio Bods BLT for LabVIEW offers a new way to distribute and manage stand-alone applications for commercial or internal use. This management system integrates easily with existing code, so a developer can generate a licensed executable in only a few clicks.

Build Automation
-Create executables with one click
-Apply custom color schemes
-Batch process and build
-Include third-party programs and drivers
-Remotely upgrade the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine

Application Distribution
-Generate the product installer
-Push automatic updates
-Manage the products change log

Advanced Licensing
-Control user access
-Control machine access
-Control feature access
-Use custom license attributes
-Take advantage of many settings to protect your IP

Business Management
-One place to manage all your apps’ permissions and settings

Remote Debugging
-View live remote errors and custom logs
-Identify connected users
-Easily find bugs for specific users, machines, programs, and so on

Never Leave Your Apps
-Monitor application usage
-Change permissions at any time
-Take advantage of live control

Support Information
For technical support, contact Studio Bods at:
Phone: (418) 780-4443

Pricing Information
This product is sold directly by the third-party provider and not by National Instruments. Please contact Studio Bods for purchasing information.
Phone: (418) 780-4443

Disclaimer: The Third-Party Add-Ons for LabVIEW on this page are offered by independent third-party providers who are solely responsible for such products. NI shall have no responsibility whatsoever for the performance of the Third-Party Add-Ons.