CAPture VDAS - Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd Configure, Trigger, Acquire, Scale, Filter, Log, and Analyze

  • Configure analog, digital, and derived channels
  • Create linear, polynomial, tabular, and map-range scaling
  • Create threshold and time triggers
  • Display data in display types including graph, numeric, vertical, and horizontal slider
  • Perform online FFT and power spectrum analysis
  • Acquire and log channel data at different sampling rates
  • Download
Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd CAPture VDAS helps you easily configure, acquire, and log physical parameters from field sensors. With this software, you can define scaling and apply that scaling to a channel. Configure triggers (time-based or threshold) to start the acquisition. You can view the acquired data in different display types including graph, numeric, vertical slider, horizontal slider, gauge, tank, and Boolean. Appropriate filters can also be applied to get the required data in a band.

You can perform online analysis such as fast Fourier transform (FFT) and power spectrum on the acquired data. The logged data can be viewed in an offline graphical and tabular display. The data in the package provided is simulated.

NI C Series Hardware Support
-NI 9205
-NI 9219
-NI 9263
-NI 9234
-NI 9237
-NI 9213
-NI 9401
-NI 9472

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