DSA 2.9 - Signal.X Technologies LLC Sound and Vibration Analyzer

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  • Acquire and analyze data using NI CompactDAQ, PCI, or PXI
  • Perform frequency and order domain spectrum analysis, order analysis, impact testing and more
  • Compute 1/1 and 1/3 octave band spectra, frequency response, Zwicker stationary loudness, and more
  • Mix high-speed sound and vibration signals with analog signals and counters for speed and torsion
  • Quickly transition between data acquisition and analysis
  • Export and import time history files using common formats
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DSA 2.9 is an easy-to-use Sound & Vibration measurement and analysis tool designed to add-on to the NI Sound & Vibration toolset. The enhanced display provides flexibility, agility and speed. The interactive workflow seamlessly transitions between live monitoring, logging to file and interactive data analysis. The software enables essential dynamic analysis capabilities without complicating setup options to simplify the user experience and provide fast data access without complex configuration procedures.

Use DSA 2.9 to:
- Use NI PXI or CompactDAQ hardware to customize your measurement system
- Perform common noise and vibration signal processing tasks
- Use cursor function to identify and dynamically track frequencies of bearings, gears, etc.
- Pre-process acceleration data to velocity and displacement, low-pass and high-pass filter, or perform sample rate conversion
- Capture data files manually or utilize remote digital triggers for autonomous data acquisition
- Mix signal types like high speed sound and vibration signals, generic analog signals, and more
- Export/import time history files using .csv, .wav, .uff58, .hdf, or .txt formats

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For technical support, contact Signal.X Technologies at:
Web: www.signalxtech.com
Email: dsa@signalxtech.com

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