LabJack Utilities - Interface Innovations Toolkit and Applications for LabJack UD Devices

  • Flexible and easy-to-use IO VIs for the U3, U6, and U9 devices over USB and Ethernet
  • Error correction and handling to simplify acquisition and integration
  • Examples with commented block diagrams and Help to speed development
  • UD Logger application for optimized plug-and-play logging
  • UD ID utility to view and manipulate device IDs and addresses
  • UD Test Data Rate utility to quickly assess speed of test setup
  • Download
The Interface Innovations LabJack Utilities package is for configuring and measuring using LabJack’s UD series of devices, the U3, U6, and U9, on USB and Ethernet interfaces. Use of the package requires installation of the LabJack UD driver, which you can download for free at This package is not currently endorsed by LabJack.

The package contains a set of general utility functions for use with all LabJack UD devices, U3, U6, and U9, along with the following three applications incorporating the toolkit:

UD Logger: A full-featured data logger built on an optimized and multithreaded queued state machine architecture.

UD ID Utility: Device utility to change local IDs and IPs of UD devices, facilitating the use of many devices on the same interface.

UD Test Data Rate: Application to help users explore the characteristics of their hardware setup and determine best- and worst-case timing statistics.

The main building block for users wishing to develop their own LabVIEW applications is the UD IO VI. This VI offers simple, flexible input and output from all LabJack UD devices (U3, U6, and U9) on USB and Ethernet interfaces, with built-in error correction/handling. The VI also provides specification and pictorial reference information on the devices. You can operate the VI in a Standard Mode, which queries the specified interface on each execution, or Express Mode, where a device information cluster is passed. Bypassing the Find All function in Express Mode greatly increases the speed of execution.

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