ECG Simulator - Data Science Automation NI Analog Output of Prerecorded or Model-Based ECG Signals

  • ECG signal generation from NI-DAQmx-compatible analog output hardware
  • Import real-life ECG data downloaded from MIT-BIH database and use as output signal
  • Test, calibrate, and verify your commercial and developmental ECG equipment
  • Read, convert, and output a variety of ECG data formats: TDMS, EDF, and so on
  • Attenuation level and method are determined by the user
  • Easily adaptable to simulate other biosignal types including EEG and EKG
  • Download
The Data Science Automation ECG Simulator plays an essential role in the calibration, test, design, and development of ECG equipment such as ECG monitors. As part of the DSA Life Sciences Workbench, the ECG Simulator uses NI-DAQmx-compatible analog output hardware to generate ECG waveforms from prerecorded files or from a synthetic model.

The ECG Simulator reads files imported from a variety of sources including the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database. With the ability to convert and interpret various ECG file formats, you can study how commercial or developmental ECG equipment reacts to even the most irregular arrhythmia.

The ECG Simulator also offers a user-configurable synthetic model to output ECG waveforms based on ANSI/AAMI EC13:1992, including variable heart rate, sampling frequency, QRS amplitude and duration, and T-wave amplitude.

Support Information
For technical support, contact Data Science Automation at
Phone: (724) 942-6330

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