Micro_Clock - JJ Control Microsecond Resolution Clock

  • Measure time with a resolution of microseconds
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your code (benchmarking)
  • Control execution time in nondeterministic systems
  • Make actions (proportional constants, integral and differential loops) proportional to time
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JJ Control's Micro_Clock is a package of VIs for NI LabVIEW to measure time with a resolution of microseconds.

These VIs are useful for evaluating the efficiency of your code (benchmarking) and for controlling execution with microsecond resolution in nondeterministic systems while implementing time-critical control algorithms.

Make actions including the following proportional to time:
-Proportional constants
-Integral and differential loops
-Execution loops

Support Information
For technical support, contact JJ Control at jjcontrol@jjcontrol.net.

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