VI Helpeks - Konstantin Shifershteyn HTML Help Generator and VI Documentation Editor

  • Generate help files in HTML and CHM formats in the LabVIEW Help style
  • Automatically generate help on the basis of information gathered from VIs
  • Customize help content and appearance
  • Modern GUI integrated into LabVIEW development environment
  • Convenient utility for editing VI documentation
  • API VIs to automate help generation and assist in relevant tasks
  • Download
VI Helpeks documents LabVIEW VIs in HTML or CHM formats, and is a help file generator and VI documentation editor. The help generator is project based utility that creates help files for VIs and Palettes in the style of LabVIEW help. Parameters for help generation are defined in a VI Helpeks project where you configure details of resulting help.

Easily create your first help just by adding the desired VIs or a Function Palette and start to build. All the information you need is in the VI - make help edits or adjust missing VI information as you define it in the project, influence details in the generated help, and embed HTML files into the help.

The VI Documentation utility edits documentation property. By selecting "Tools>>VI Helpeks>>VI Documentation" menu of a VI you can review and edit the description of the VI and its controls and indicators, VI icon, VI help path, control captions, etc.

VI Helpeks API VIs allow to automate help generation and assist in relevant tasks.

Support Information
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