Chameleon - PVI Systems Turnkey DAQ Application for Physical Measurements

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  • Quick measurement configuration and acquisition
  • Mixed sensor types and sample rates using single or multiple time-synchronized chassis
  • Data visualization with multiple traces and graphs featuring live or prerecorded data
  • Ability to calculate virtual channels and set up visual, audible, or relay driven alarms
  • Multiple channel analog output with predefined or arbitrary waveforms
  • Easy integration and customization with LabVIEW using VI Server
  • Configure Complete NI CompactDAQ System
  • Download
Chameleon from PVI Systems is an intuitive and easy-to-use yet powerful turnkey DAQ program developed to take full advantage of hardware from NI. You can have your systems up and running in minutes to acquire static and dynamic signals from a variety of sensor types without any programming. Chameleon eliminates the cost and risk of developing and maintaining custom DAQ applications.

Use the software to acquire and log mixed measurements including voltage, current, vibration, strain, and temperature. Connected hardware is automatically detected by the software, which simplifies channel configuration. You can view live data, review logged data, and export data for analysis.

Additional features include calculated (virtual) channels, user-defined alarms, and triggered acquisition from analog or digital signals with pretriggered samples.

With Chameleon, you can configure single-chassis systems or combine and synchronize multiple chassis for high-channel-count applications. You can even integrate with LabVIEW to automate data logging while taking advantage of custom user interfaces.

For technical support, contact NI at

Chameleon for PXI and PXI Express
Chameleon also supports PXI hardware. For information on Chameleon software for PXI, contact PVI Systems at (global) or (860) 739-8044 (US only).

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Chameleon Software
782797-35Chameleon for NI CompactDAQ by PVI Systems, Include 1 Year SSP5 - 10$ 2,999.00
Recommended Hardware
782325-01NI cDAQ-9139 NI CompactDAQ, Core i7 1.33 GHz, 8-slot, Windows5 - 10$ 8,630.00
781093-01NI PS-15 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 A, 100-120/200-240 VAC Input1 - 2$ 292.00
779519-01NI 9205 32-Channel ±10 V, 250 kS/s, 16-Bit Analog Input Module12 - 20$ 1,088.00
780493-01NI 9213 16-ch TC, 24-bit C Series module12 - 20$ 1,568.00
779521-01NI 9237 4-Ch 50 kS/s/Ch, 24-Bit Bridge AI Module1 - 2$ 1,900.00

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