Trident by ViAcoustics Sound-Level Measurement and Acoustic Analysis Application

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  • Sound-level measurement, Lin, Awtd, and 1/N (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24) octave, Leq, Max Hold
  • Optional modules - FFT Analysis, ISO 532B Loudness (sones), Calibrated Time Waveform Recording (WAV)
  • Add-on module for reverberation time analysis available (ASTM C423, ASTM E90, ISO 140)
  • Pass/fail limit analyzer for end-of-line test (Awtd or 1/N criteria)
  • Exports to MS Excel workbooks for custom data analysis and reporting
  • Complies with IEC and ANSI standards for sound-level meters
  • Download
Trident by ViAcoustics is a plug-and-play application for sound-level measurement and acoustic analysis using NI hardware. It can conduct single- or multi-channel measurements for applications such as product noise emissions, sound power-level determination, field noise surveys, and transient events. You can export data into MS Excel workbooks that you can customize to meet your specific data analysis and reporting needs.

Trident has an intuitive interface that test technicians can easily learn as well as analysis capabilities powerful enough to meet the needs of acoustic engineers and consultants.

Compliant with IEC 61672 and IEC 61260 standards, Trident is used in ISO 17025-accredited corporate and government laboratories for acoustics building, product design, and end-of-line test applications. It runs on most USB, PCI, and PXI digital signal analyzer devices from National Instruments.

See the Resources tab for more information on the Certificate of Compliance to IEC and ANSI Requirements for Sound Level Meters, Weighting Filters, and Proportional Octave Band Filters.

Support Information
For technical support, contact ViAcoustics.
Phone: (512) 531-6442

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Trident Software
782583-35Trident (>1 board, 128ch, Awtd, 1/N, FFT, ISO532B) - VIAcoustics5 - 10$ 7,500.00
782584-35Trident (1 board, USB/PCI/PXI, Awtd and 1/N only) - VI Acoustics5 - 10$ 3,500.00
782585-35Trident (1 channel, USB, Awtd and 1/n only) - VI Acoustics5 - 10$ 2,500.00
Recommended Hardware
779680-01NI-9234 C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module, 4-Ch, 51.2 kS/s, IEPE and AC/DC1 - 2$ 2,411.00
780164-01USB-4431 - 24-Bit, 102.4 kS/s, 4 Input Simul, Anti-Aliasing Filters, AC/DC Coupling, IEPE10 - 15$ 2,963.00
782121-02GRAS 1/2in Free-Field Response Microphone: 50mV/Pa12 - 20$ 1,971.00

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