NCL and TDMS Viewer and Converter - WKS Informatik GmbH View, Synchronize, Merge, Convert NCL Files to TDMS Files

  • View CAN, LIN, and FlexRay NCL files
  • Synchronize two files
  • Easily compare your files
  • Convert NCL files to CSV, XLSX, or TDMS
  • Merge TDMS files into one file
  • View and explore TDMS files
  • Download
The WKS Informatik NCL and TDMS Viewer and Converter software helps you view and handle NCL log files, which are the default data type of NI-XNET logs (CAN/FlexRay/LIN).

With this software, you can rapidly open and display NCL files to easily compare their contents. Additionally, you can convert files from NCL to other, more common data types.

The easiest way to convert these files is using the free CSV data type, which you can open with default text editors. The Microsoft XLSX or NI TDMS file types are even more useful because they are clearly arranged and structured.

This software also includes a viewing tool for TDMS files. Additionally, WKS Informatik has created a special type of TDMS to get the most out of the NCL and TDMS Viewer and Converter. Among other applications, you can merge multiple NCL input logs into a single TDMS output log.

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