Tedious Task Manager - T4SM Integrated Productivity Tool to Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Automates file management (creates, renames, deletes files and folders)
  • Allows custom VI execution inside scripts
  • Builds exe, installers, llb, zip files
  • Sends parametric emails with attached files
  • Maintains statistics on the execution time of your scripts
  • Simplifies the maintenance of source code
  • Download
The T4SM Tedious Task Manager (TTM) is a programmable script manager fully integrated into NI LabVIEW software that you can use to automate repetitive activities. TTM includes many parametric commands to manage files and folders. Scripts are programmable and interact with your LabVIEW projects and VIs.

-Creates zip files with your source code using parametric file names
-Programmatically builds your project’s specifications
-Detects executable file version
-Synchronizes script execution with external programs
-Executes your custom VIs inside scripts
-Can execute your scripts inside LabVIEW and with external stand-alone application
-Creates/copies/renames/deletes files and folders
-Loads/saves data into your scripts
-Sends emails with attached files
-Transfers files using FTP protocol
-Manages date and time into script’s variables with custom formats
-Allows user interaction during script execution
-Communicates script execution status by email

With TTM, you can automatically synchronize source code backups with your deployed applications in a few seconds without errors. You can download ready-to-use scripts from the TTM script library at http://www.toolsforsmartminds.com/products/labview_script_library.php.

Support Information
For technical support, please contact Tools for Smart Minds at info@toolsforsmartminds.com.

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