UI Tools - LAVA Tools to Facilitate UI Design

  • Fade-in and fade-out front panels
  • GObject position for alignment, snap, and so on
  • Dialog box based on object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Download
UI Tools is a set of reusable VIs that can help you create a better user interface experience.

You can achieve the following with the specific functionality:

Create Front Panel Effects
Create fade-ins or fade-outs using linear or exponential variation of the intensity.

Calculate Position of GObjects
Calculate alignment, snap, mouse-follow, and so on.

Build Dialog Boxes
Override the generic LVOOP Dialog Box class to make your own application-specific dialog boxes.

Move Front Panel Objects
Programmatically move front panel objects, including a smooth movement algorithm.

Support Information
For technical support, post on the UI Tools discussion thread on the LAVA forums:

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