Rename LVOOP Labels - LAVA Updates LVOOP Class Control Labels

  • Renames a Class Member VI's top-left and top-right connector pane inputs
  • Renames to "In" for control and "Out" for indicator
  • Supports connector panes: 4x2x2x4, 5x3x3x5, 6x4x4x6, 8x6x6x8
  • Contains Tool Menu plugin and Quick Drop plugin
  • Download
This package is a LAVA distribution.

This package contains a plugin that renames a Class Member VI's top left and top right connector pane inputs to “Class Name In” for control and “Class Name Out” for indicator. All VI control terminal labels are aligned left and indicator terminal labels are aligned right. Additionally the Class icon is refreshed. Use this plugin, for example, after you have renamed a Class and you want to update its labels or when you have cloned (saved as) a Class.

This plugin was designed to be use with 'LVOOP templates' therefore, the following connector panes are supported:
4815 - 4x2x2x4
4833 - 5x3x3x5
4834 - 6x4x4x6
4835 - 8x6x6x8

Tools Menu:
Restart LabVIEW to refresh menus after installation.
Find plugins under Tools»LAVA Tools»Rename LVOOP Labels.
'Rename Selected VI Only' - operates only on the selected VI.
'Rename All VIs in Class' - operates on all VIs in the selected VI's Class.

Quick Drop:
Press Ctrl-Space to launch Quick Drop.
The default hotkey for this plugin is 'Z'.
'Ctrl-Z' - operates only on the selected VI.
'Ctrl-Shift-Z' operates on all VIs in the selected VI's class.

Support Information
Find the support link at

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