BitMan - SKA Polska Image Processing Framework and Library

  • Store multichannel images with transparency and metadata
  • Versatile image processing via dynamic filter mechanism
  • Built-in filters for common operations
  • Easily design your own filters
  • Object-oriented and completely native - no external or system-specific dependencies
  • Download
The SKA Polska BitMan library is designed for image processing based on a specially defined structure to store the image and a filter system. It is not only a set of tools performing specific operations on images but also a framework to help you create your own image processing functions with a mechanism called "dynamic filters."

The library contains a few basic built-in filters, and it is possible to create user filters. Built-in filters, which are effective for processing relatively small images, can be used to support programming user interfaces, implementing operations on the icons, creating graphical documents, and so on. The library is based on object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques.

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