UI Control Suite: Metallic Theme Build Professional User Interfaces with Custom Controls

  • New aesthetic additions to the LabVIEW front panel control palette
  • Metallic-themed graphs, charts, buttons, knobs, slides, and more
  • Display customized controls to attain a professional look for your user interface
  • Download
The UI Control Suite with a metallic theme features new additions to the LabVIEW front panel control palette. Customized controls include graphs, charts, gauges, knobs, slides, and combo boxes. Display these in your front panel for a professional look as you enhance the application user interface.

System Requirements
Application Software: NI LabVIEW Development System 8.2 or later

Additional Information
The Control Suite referenced here was created by the UI Interest Group and is provided as is. Links to detailed information and support for this suite and to the UI Interest Group are included in the Resources tab.