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Industrial Camera Advisor
Basler Vision Technologies scA640-70gc

The Basler scout family is based on a selection of the best Sony CCD sensors and offers a wide variety of resolutions and speeds. The family also includes a high-performance CMOS sensor from Micron. With their new Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and FireWire-b¿ interface technologies, the cameras in this family are defined by state of the art technology that lets you get the maximum performance from each sensor. Your benefits from the Basler scout family include: Resolutions from VGA to 2 megapixels with either a FireWire-b or a Gigabit Ethernet interface 100 meter cable lengths provided by Gigabit Ethernet to give you the highest flexibility Up to 12 bit depths and no bandwidth limitation on 8 bit data flow inside the camera Free drivers for FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision) Small, rugged housing for easy integration Compatible with the newest vision industry standards including GenICam, GigE Vision, and EMVA 1288 100% quality checked and calibrated to give you consistent performance and reliability The Basler scout family features a GenICam compliant API and uses new drivers. The FireWire-b cameras are also compatible with Basler¿s existing BCAM driver and API for FireWire cameras. Along with the drivers, GUI based software is provided that lets users easily set camera parameters, adjust image quality, and control cameras from a remote computer.

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NI Compatible Products
NI - Compatible Hardware 
779813-01NI PCIe-8231 Gigabit Ethernet device
780263-01NI PXIe-8234, Dual Gigabit Ethernet device
780400-01NI PCIE-8235 Quad Gigabit Ethernet device
780913-01NI EVS-1464RT Embedded Vision System
For use with Gigabit Ethernet connection 
NI - Cable P/N 
182219-01CAT5E Ethernet Cable, Twisted-pair, 1 m
182219-05CAT5E Ethernet Cable, Twisted-pair, 5 m
182219-10CAT5E Ethernet Cable, Twisted-pair, 10 m
For use with Gigabit Ethernet connection 

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